D-137 is the first intelligence division in the world specializing in investigations classified
as ‘high level’. Our agents are trained to act seamlessly in any context, and particularly in
the elite environments. At D-137 we provide our clients with reliable and accurate
information obtained by using the most advanced intelligence systems.


If traditional detectives base their investigations only on intuition and experience,
at D-137 we go beyond ordinary to be always a step ahead. The D-137 agents come
from international backgrounds, are highly trained in intelligence strategies, and
able to be invisible even in situations that force them to be exposed. Precision,
skill, reliability and performance are at the core of our service.

D-137 provides personalised solutions for you or your company,
24 hours a day and in any part of the world.


D-137 originated as a classification code for special protocol applied in delicate corporate
or private cases that took place in sensitive environments like jet set, high finance, or high
society, which required special attention and preparation that exceed ordinary standards.

The trait d'Union of intelligence, investigative abilities and specific skills allow our agents
to act in these environments exposed while being hidden, which is a recipe to our success.

D-137 originated from our first high context investigation, which was executed to perfection
and completed with highest degree of excellence. Brilliant results became a guarantee
and set the highest standards for all of the following operations.


At D-137 we are loyal to our customers and do everything in our power to respect their
privacy and protect the information shared with us or obtained by us. Upon completion
of our services the client can request to destroy all the records of the investigation.


To learn how you or your company can benefit from D-137 Investigative Services,
or if you have any questions or comments, please contact us using the form below.